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U-Haul is Committed to Hiring People with Disabilities

South Bay Vocational Center’s job application is commented to hiring individuals with disabilities for the U-Haul position. Our application is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

U-Haul has Partnerships with South Bay Vocational Center.

South Bay Vocational Center will help you connect to U-Haul during the application process.

Our partnership with U-Haul includes accessible workspaces, assistive technologies, and flexible work arrangements.

South Bay Vocational Center will provide disability sensitivity training to U-Haul managers and employees to create a more inclusive work environment.

South Bay Vocational Center

From a schoolhouse in 1952 to a progressive habilitation facility, South Bay Vocational Center continues to provide programs and services to improve the quality of life for consumers and increase their chances to succeed in a highly competitive world.

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